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We’ve Just Launched Seams Cloud v1.05

Continuing Our Commitment To Improving Your Business Training Experience

It’s only weeks since we last launched a new improved version of one of our flagship learning management systems (LMS), Seams Cloud, but in that space of time, we’ve been extremely busy. Operating on feedback from our clients and our own rigorous testing procedures, we’ve updated the system yet again. Every new version of Seams Cloud that we release is the product of a lot of hard work, and no changes make their way live until we’re convinced that they’re a fundamental improvement to the user experience, but it’s sometimes the case that a user won’t recognise the changes until they get down to the nitty gritty of actually administrating their training. As such, it’s a pleasure to announce an update to the system that’s instantly recognisable – the dashboard for Seams Cloud has been revamped to make a more attractive, neater, more user-friendly experience. As soon as you log into our system you’ll see the result of our work, and we hope you’ll find it as refreshing an improvement as we do. That’s not all we’ve done, of course. On the back-end we’ve revamped our systems for SCORM compliance, which will make using any of your existing SCORM e-learning content as simple and intuitive as it can be. Upload the content, access it through our system interface and all the results of any of your SCORM e-learning content will be automatically recorded and stored (of course, we still support more advanced e-learning content – like Tin Can API).  Here’s a full list the improvements we’ve made:

– SCORM 1.2 e-learning module support

– User dashboard redesign – new functionality and makeover

– Setting default training location for classroom courses when a user first registers on the system

– More user settings and configuration options

– General minor bug fixes

These are some simple, effective changes to the user experience that improve it in subtle but fundamental ways, and we hope they demonstrate our continuing commitment to improving the user experience on all of our products for all of our clients. And of course, since Seams Cloud is a cloud based platform, you don’t have to wait while we roll out improvements across our entire client base, with smaller clients inevitably bearing the brunt of the waiting. Once the improvements are made, they’re made for everybody, and you begin to reap the benefits straight away. At Seams Cloud our mission is the same as it’s always been: we’ll simplify your business training to maximise your business performance.