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Custom Online Training Courses


Seams Custom Online Training Courses are an efficient and cost-effective tool for training delivery. We will work with you to produce a suitable, customized suite of online training content and e-learning courses that will address your compliance requirements, your specific SOP and HACCP needs and allow you to stay one step ahead of your competitors. These are quality, versatile online courses featuring video content, interactive content, SCORM or Tin Can API formats - whatever best suits your business.

We are a business training and development company with over 20 years' experience in delivering practical, effective training solutions to organisations across 11 countries. With Seams Custom Online Training Courses, we can bring the most up-to-date technology and online content and apply it to solve the training problems we've been encountering for 20 years in an innovative, effective way.

Our e-learning courses and other online content will be compatible with your existing knowledge management system and make your induction, compliance training and development processes simple and cost-effective, saving your business time and money.


New Course Design

You’re the expert in your business, not us. We’ll work with you to build effective, custom training content that answers your specific needs.

Branded Experience

Our custom online training courses allow you to style the e-learning content as you wish. Make it your own with your brand logo and custom colours.


Incorporate multimedia and interactivity to engage employees in the learning experience. We’ll work with you to choose the most appropriate, effective formats for your custom e-learning courses.

Vast Industry Experience

20 years of training experience mean we know the compliance and induction issues facing your organisation. We can work with you to tailor online courses that will suit your organisation.

Versatile Content

Our dedicated instructional design team design material that can be used both on-line and in the classroom. We can tailor content to reflect your organisation, making your induction or HACCP training materials as much an extension of your brand as they are effective training tools.

Innovative Instructional Design

Our instructional design team are experienced, enthusiastic and ready to work with you to produce effective content that will engage your employees. We’ll work with you to include the latest in innovative content formats.

Convert Existing Materials

If you’re just now moving your training infrastructure online and don’t want to lose tried-and-tested training materials, we can convert your existing material to online formats simply and cost-effectively.

Save Time

Our systems will afford you a massive reduction in production downtime.

Save Money

Training costs associated with traditional training reduced by a minimum of 70%.

Automate Training Recording

Training compliance reports ready with the click of a button to export to Excel.

Automated Audit Reports At Your Fingertips.

Organise training data across multiple filter options to analyse effectiveness and aid future planning.

Improve Staff Performance.

Increase staff engagement with training by allowing them take the courses at times they elect.

Centralized Learning and Employee Development Processes.

Say goodbye to multiple file types and systems for different training. Our systems will cover classroom, e-learning and everything in between.

Simplified Learning Process.

All of your training content and admin can be accessed and administered from one comprehensive virtual system.

Seams LMS saved 800 hours in production downtime and €25,200.00 in associated costs for just one of our clients’ mandatory courses. Contact us for a cost benefit analysis today.

The Challenge

Staff training is necessary, sometimes from a compliance or health and safety perspective, just as importantly to ensure your employees have the skills to maximise efficiency. Unfortunately, getting all your staff into the same room at the same time requires a lot of organization, as well as an investment of time and money that can be prohibitive. Once you’ve accomplished that, you’ve got to keep track of who’s received what training, and when the training is due for renewal.

The Solution

Seams LMS develop cutting edge online training and learning management systems that resolve the challenges presented by traditional face to face training and save you money in the process. Streamline your training, SOP’s, HR policies and procedures into one highly flexible, affordable and customizable environment. To date, we have worked with over 9,000 clients in 11 countries, helping them to improve their business performance one step at a time.

We would love to hear about your business and discuss how our solutions will improve your bottom line.