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Seams LMS Ireland is the online training and Learning Management Systems division of staff training and development company Optimum Results Ltd. Now in our 20th year, our mission has remained unchanged since day one; we are “Dedicated to Improving the Business Performance of Our Clients”.

Our 20 years' experience taught us the pitfalls and problems that often accompany an organisation’s training processes; a diverse range of data spread across various formats and systems, often incompatible. We’ve seen the problems and fixed them by developing a range of online systems that will work to centralise and streamline all your training needs. Seams LMS will integrate all your business training and development needs into one seamless, affordable online LMS.

Our vision for Seams LMS was to build learning management systems and e-learning courses that are affordable, easy to use and adaptable to our clients staff training needs. We have a dedicated team of 22 people with 18 specialist associates and have worked with over 9,000 clients in 11 countries.

SEAMS LMS Ireland will integrate all your staff training and development needs into one of the most seamless, affordable online learning management systems available.

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